The 17 MobilityWorks 2.0 projects vary in scope from trail improvements that connect neighborhoods, acquisition of a new ferry vessel and docking facilities construction, bus stop improvements to roadway/transit enhancements throughout the city. Planning and design for MobilityWorks 2.0 projects began in 2022 with construction efforts beginning in 2023. The projects will be constructed over the next 30 years, with project completion anticipated by 2052. The JTA is committed to expediting these critical infrastructure projects and pursing grants and additional funding.


Steps in a project lifecycle include Planning, Project Development & Environmental (PD&E), Design, and Construction. View the Anatomy of a JTA Project video to learn how a JTA capital project goes from idea to completion.

Complete Streets Projects

Complete Streets is a transportation infrastructure approach that designs streets for all users, not just cars. The MobilityWorks 2.0 program continues JTA’s implementation of Complete Streets across the region.

8th Street

Dunn Avenue Corridor

Edgewood Avenue Corridor

Kings Road Corridor

Lem Turner Road Corridor

Lenox Avenue

Park Street/Blanding Boulevard Corridor

Philips Highway Corridor

University Boulevard – Arlington Road to Arlington Expressway

University Boulevard/Merrill Road Corridor

Community Mobility for All Projects

MobilityWorks 2.0 focuses on making public transportation safer and more accessible by improving bus stops and pedestrian connections.

Countywide Transit Enhancements

Northwest Jacksonville Corridor Improvements

Iconic Projects

MobilityWorks 2.0 includes some of the region’s iconic projects such as the Emerald Trail and the JTA’s transformative autonomous transportation network, known as the Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C).

Emerald Trail

Skyway Rehabilitation & Downtown Service Expansion – Capital

Skyway Rehabilitation & Downtown Service Expansion – Fleet

New Ferry Vessel

JRTC Rail Terminal Project Development