Workforce Development

JTA is committed to maximizing local employment opportunities and supporting workforce development. A central mission of the MobilityWorks 2.0 program is to invest in the local economy by hiring and skill building locally, using local small businesses, and procuring area resources whenever possible. Approximately 1,600 direct jobs will be generated from the 17 MobilityWorks 2.0 projects.

30 Year Program Overview

The dashboard provides a detailed look at jobs created and expenditures to date.

Total Revenue


Total Anticipated Revenue from Gas Tax by 2052

Total Projects


Total Projects

1,600 Direct Jobs Goal

Goal for Total Jobs including Direct, Indirect and Induced - 2660

News and Events

In 2022 the JTA recruited two positions to oversee the Program: Director of Capital Programs and Program Manager – Quality Assurance Manager. To date the Program Manager – Quality Assurance continues to oversee MobilityWorks 2.0 projects alongside JTA staff and the Program Management Consultants.

The Program Management Consultants have created 8 high wage jobs and committed 25% of total consulting funds to Small City of Jacksonville Businesses (LSBE). The Program Management Consultant team has recruited eight professional services positions for this Program: (1) Program Manager; (1) Grant Writer/Planner; (4) Bus Stop Assessments (C&ES and Clayton Co – Subconsultants); (1) Data Analyst (C&ES – Subconsultant); (1) Communications Manager (ADG – Subconsultant).

Additionally the Program Management Consultant team has partnered with four local and small businesses to support their program management efforts. These firms have earned a total of $202,000 in supporting the JTA in the early delivery phases of this program.

Economic Impact Study

Job estimates for the MobilityWorks 2.0 program come from The Economic Impact Study of Local Option Gas Tax Projects in Jacksonville conducted in 2021 by Dr. Loh from the Coggin College of Business at the University of North Florida. The study includes direct, indirect, and induced job estimates and does not include projected jobs for the Emerald Trail segments that are part of MobilityWorks 2.0.

JTA will continue to report on direct jobs created through the MobilityWorks 2.0 program.

Direct Jobs

Employment created to fulfill the demand for a product or service.

Indirect Jobs

Jobs that exist to produce the goods and services needed by the workers with direct jobs.

Induced Jobs

Jobs that are a result of direct/indirect employee’s spending money in the community.

Total Jobs include Direct Jobs as well as Indirect and Induced Jobs.